We carry a wide variety of music styles. Our digital music library consists of over 90,000 songs and we have
more in MP3 format on our laptop and MP3 player if needed.
We use digital music and can connect your iPod or other MP3 player to play YOUR music!

Below are just some of the styles of music that we offer:
Hip Hop                    Reggaeton
Merengue                Pop
Bachata                   Cumbia
Latin House              Salsa
Rap+R&B                 Booty
Freestyle                  Break Beats
Reggae                    Dubstep
Country                    70's 80's 90's        
Classical                  Oldies
Dance                      Lounge
Modern Rock           Classic Rock
Techno                    Electro House
Top 100 from 1960 - 2011
Progressive House   (including major club anthems)

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